A rock, and some other hard place.

2015-03-10 15:25:27 by Orpheus

Motivation to continue Electronic Dance Music has hit an all-time low once again. I think that EDM will never work out 100% for me, and that Video Game Music is where I should stay and be. And it's because of EDM that my production towards VGM has been slacking.


Not only that, I've noticed that once a-gain I'm putting restrictions on myself in terms of productions, which is just a major downfall for anyone. It's crazy to think how happy I currently am to say "Fuck EDM, return; VGM". 


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2015-03-16 15:18:20

What is important is that you do the thing that makes you happy, but your VGM rocks so it's hardly a compromise!

Orpheus responds:

Thanks Chaz. Incoming is a reply that is probably longer than the news post itself so I hope you'll have fun forcing yourself reading through this. :P

Having someone like you, Chaz, comment on some of my tracks and on this news post with warming words actually makes me want to make VGM that much more. However, I still feel a little drive to EDM. And it's those little flickers of hope that drive me to make both genres separately... up until yesterday. More on why that is soon!

But developers, at the moment, are my target audience. Having you comment (and other listeners in general) keeps me going. :D Keeps me motivated. Thank you <3