SoundCloud (ugh)

2015-01-02 11:17:49 by Orpheus

Okay, if you haven't noticed before I genuinely hate Soundcloud with a passion due to it's unstable nature.
But aside from my personal little fued with Soundcloud, I guess we'll start off 2015 with what seems to be a smart move.


I made a Soundcloud, okay? And what I'm trying to say is; Check it out, have a listen or three, and if you like it follow?


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2015-01-02 11:27:54

Wait... you're making a Soundcloud at a time when they're stopping their free service. Are you sure this is a good move?

Orpheus responds:

With lack of better at the moment, why not right?


2015-01-06 08:48:50

If it's any consolation for us lot, NG's audio submission form is about to change... to include samples, copyrighted works (as in, WE copyright it).... I don't know if you saw the thread, but Fulp and everyone else have been discussing it.