Why "Memory Fragments", New style and small update regarding EP

2014-10-19 14:10:44 by Orpheus

Hey Newgrounds. Another update.

So someone had messaged me asking "Why Memory Fragments?" which I assume they were hoping to a link to the Kingdom Hearts games. But no, it's not. See, there's someone who I've hurt in the past and have tried to approach on occasions to apologize. I think I found a way to do so though which they check from time to time. In which case, It'll lead them to this. To that person I say sorry, and nothing else. Some stuff's impossible to apologize to, y'know?

Got the depressing shit out of the way, up next is a new style I'm trying out and you'll be seeing more of.

So some of you might know Celldweller. A mix of Metal/Rock with Electronic music. While listening to my newest obsession I've been eager to try this style and I'm slowly, briskly getting the hang of it so I hope to bring you that style of music very soon!

Other than that the KH remix EP's tracklist has been changed. Nothing else will be said on the matter until release date.


Have a nice day. :)

- Roy


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