KH Remix EP date + Name

2014-10-14 18:05:43 by Orpheus

Hey lads 'n ladies.


Another update regarding the remix EP as I'm trying to give it alot of attention whilst also working on a remix with a certain somebody I've worked with before. Remixing a certain track of someone we both look up to. Get a load o' that. But you're probably not here for that eh? You're here for what's in the title!

Date: ???, November, 2014.


Alright, I'm sorry. I kinda lied. I don't really have a date set in stone just yet but with more than half of the tracks done, I can say we should be really for release mid to late November. I won't give you a day yet, just letting you speculate. :)

Name: "Memory Fragments EP".


The name is something I've already thought of a long time ago. Mainly because until 4 days ago, I didn't have a copy of Kingdom Hearts 2 in my posession. I wrote all the melodies up to this point by ear and how I remembered certain parts of it. But that didn't really help. The only real way to replicate the feelings the game was trying to portray is through YouTube videos. But I wanted to have the experience of playing it so I can get the atmosphere it's trying to create. I'd say this'll help/has helped me big time since I think atmosphere and the feeling a track is trying to create are very important.


So that's all there is to this update. Other than my music production I'm trying to get into voice acting. So far I've gotten into contact with various content creators but oddly enough they were all asking for stuff way out of my reach, so I ended up leaving them (and myself) pretty disappointed. Hopefully in the future there'll be some people willing to take my cringy acting. :P


- Roy // VOiDTEK


[hint; if you wanna guess the artist we're remixing, check the first parag. and take the underlined, bold letters from the italiced text. ;P]


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2014-10-14 22:26:35

don't worry I can wait


2014-10-15 06:32:36

Raatfmeewl... OH ITS WATERFLAME.... AM I RITE??? :D:D:D:D

Orpheus responds: