Kingdom Hearts Remix EP final track list

2014-10-03 19:20:26 by Orpheus


VOiDTEK here again, here with another update regarding the Kingdom Hearts Remix EP. It's 1 AM at the time of writing this so please, stay with me on this.


Alright, so I started working on the EP quite a while before I initially announced it. Meaning I had plenty of time to think about choosing tracks to do. Finally, I chose these; Traverse Town, Lazy Afternoon, The 13th Struggle, The 13th Side/Another Side, Dance to the Death, Tension Rising, Hazardous Highway, Sinister Sundown and finally. Passion.


None of those should surprise you apart from Hazardous Highway, Sinister Sundown and Passion. Not that it generally matters too much. Hazardous Highway is just a track I enjoyed listening to. (plus, it's good rock practice!) and Sinister Sundown was a track that I released some time before, but not to the full potential as I lacked the resources I have now.


That being said, there is 1 more resource that I lack in all of this. A female vocalist. Do you know of one who's interested in singing over my cover/edit of Passion (or Sanctuary as Evan calls it) then please message me! I could seriously use one!

One last thing; Remember that this EP will be available for free download on Newgrounds and Bandcamp soon! No date announced yet.

Other than that, have a nice day. :)


+ Sinister Sundown v2


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