2015-03-31 11:20:55 by Orpheus

More on this soon. Just keep this name in mind.

Motivation to continue Electronic Dance Music has hit an all-time low once again. I think that EDM will never work out 100% for me, and that Video Game Music is where I should stay and be. And it's because of EDM that my production towards VGM has been slacking.


Not only that, I've noticed that once a-gain I'm putting restrictions on myself in terms of productions, which is just a major downfall for anyone. It's crazy to think how happy I currently am to say "Fuck EDM, return; VGM". 

SoundCloud (ugh)

2015-01-02 11:17:49 by Orpheus

Okay, if you haven't noticed before I genuinely hate Soundcloud with a passion due to it's unstable nature.
But aside from my personal little fued with Soundcloud, I guess we'll start off 2015 with what seems to be a smart move.


I made a Soundcloud, okay? And what I'm trying to say is; Check it out, have a listen or three, and if you like it follow?


hai guise, it's VOiDTEK. My EP's released on Bandcamp for free! Download stuff for free like AMG!




Hey Newgrounds. Another update.

So someone had messaged me asking "Why Memory Fragments?" which I assume they were hoping to a link to the Kingdom Hearts games. But no, it's not. See, there's someone who I've hurt in the past and have tried to approach on occasions to apologize. I think I found a way to do so though which they check from time to time. In which case, It'll lead them to this. To that person I say sorry, and nothing else. Some stuff's impossible to apologize to, y'know?

Got the depressing shit out of the way, up next is a new style I'm trying out and you'll be seeing more of.

So some of you might know Celldweller. A mix of Metal/Rock with Electronic music. While listening to my newest obsession I've been eager to try this style and I'm slowly, briskly getting the hang of it so I hope to bring you that style of music very soon!

Other than that the KH remix EP's tracklist has been changed. Nothing else will be said on the matter until release date.


Have a nice day. :)

- Roy

KH Remix EP date + Name

2014-10-14 18:05:43 by Orpheus

Hey lads 'n ladies.


Another update regarding the remix EP as I'm trying to give it alot of attention whilst also working on a remix with a certain somebody I've worked with before. Remixing a certain track of someone we both look up to. Get a load o' that. But you're probably not here for that eh? You're here for what's in the title!

Date: ???, November, 2014.


Alright, I'm sorry. I kinda lied. I don't really have a date set in stone just yet but with more than half of the tracks done, I can say we should be really for release mid to late November. I won't give you a day yet, just letting you speculate. :)

Name: "Memory Fragments EP".


The name is something I've already thought of a long time ago. Mainly because until 4 days ago, I didn't have a copy of Kingdom Hearts 2 in my posession. I wrote all the melodies up to this point by ear and how I remembered certain parts of it. But that didn't really help. The only real way to replicate the feelings the game was trying to portray is through YouTube videos. But I wanted to have the experience of playing it so I can get the atmosphere it's trying to create. I'd say this'll help/has helped me big time since I think atmosphere and the feeling a track is trying to create are very important.


So that's all there is to this update. Other than my music production I'm trying to get into voice acting. So far I've gotten into contact with various content creators but oddly enough they were all asking for stuff way out of my reach, so I ended up leaving them (and myself) pretty disappointed. Hopefully in the future there'll be some people willing to take my cringy acting. :P


- Roy // VOiDTEK


[hint; if you wanna guess the artist we're remixing, check the first parag. and take the underlined, bold letters from the italiced text. ;P]


VOiDTEK here again, here with another update regarding the Kingdom Hearts Remix EP. It's 1 AM at the time of writing this so please, stay with me on this.


Alright, so I started working on the EP quite a while before I initially announced it. Meaning I had plenty of time to think about choosing tracks to do. Finally, I chose these; Traverse Town, Lazy Afternoon, The 13th Struggle, The 13th Side/Another Side, Dance to the Death, Tension Rising, Hazardous Highway, Sinister Sundown and finally. Passion.


None of those should surprise you apart from Hazardous Highway, Sinister Sundown and Passion. Not that it generally matters too much. Hazardous Highway is just a track I enjoyed listening to. (plus, it's good rock practice!) and Sinister Sundown was a track that I released some time before, but not to the full potential as I lacked the resources I have now.


That being said, there is 1 more resource that I lack in all of this. A female vocalist. Do you know of one who's interested in singing over my cover/edit of Passion (or Sanctuary as Evan calls it) then please message me! I could seriously use one!

One last thing; Remember that this EP will be available for free download on Newgrounds and Bandcamp soon! No date announced yet.

Other than that, have a nice day. :)


+ Sinister Sundown v2

Hey there! Hope you're having a good day.


So I've been thinking about doing a remix/cover/edit (whichever you would call it) EP for Kingdom Hearts centered soundtracks. These would be MY versions of the OSTs heard in various Kingdom Hearts games. Now, no full tracklist has been confirmed (yet) but I can tell you one thing. It will definitely contain 3 tracks. 1; Axel's theme. 2; Dearly Beloved and 3; Ventus's theme.

The album will be free to download, but uploaded on both Newgrounds and Bandcamp as it will allow me to upload higher quality versions of the tracks. Plus, possible donations (though I wont really expect any. :P)


So if you have suggestions for tracks then please let me know in the comments so I can potentially add them to my trackslist. No amount of tracks has been decided yet.

No date yet. Be patient. :)

Who is Voidtek?

2014-09-03 10:35:23 by Orpheus

Hello lads 'n ladies!

First of all, thank you for taking the time to look at my page. I really appreciate it! Below this are a couple of basic questions I could receive. So I answer those that come to mind right now so that they won't be so tedious later.


Who is Voidtek?

Voidtek is a music project set up by Roy Goos, a music producer who is also known as Minotics. While Minotics serves as the 'Electronic Dance Music' platform to speak, Voidtek is created with the idea in mind that the music published under this name is produced with a commercial end in mind. Meaning that it's usually for animations, games... commercial purposes. I plan on purchasing an Audio Technica AT2020 microphone soon to add Voice Acting to my list of things I can do since that has also been a thing I wanted to do for a very long time.

"But wouldn't having two seperate music projects just be a burden on the other?". Not necessarily. The more I stuck to Electronic Dance Music tracks the more stuck I got with tracks under Minotics. It was getting harder and harder for me to come up with original solo stuff in the EDM scene while I was bursting with ideas that just wouldn't fit it. Hence why I created Voidtek.


Why Voidtek?

The reason I chose the name of Voidtek is simple. 1; I'm a League of Legends fanboy. If you don't know what that is, you would get the 'Void' part. 2: The original name for this project was 'Wojtek'. I thought it was a really cool name but after searching for a while, Wojtek was a much more popular name than I thought. Even something with a bear. So then I went with 'Voytek' which is a variant. But that read kinda lame. So it ended with 'Voidtek'. Why 'Tek'? idk stop asking.


Why should you follow me?

I mostly publish multi-purpose music under Voidtek so you can expect a variety of genres to appear on my list. Another reason why you should follow me is to experience a huge lurning curve in music. I might not the nitty-gritty to producing but I'm not genius in any way, shape or form. While I might be able to help people with sound design and such I'm in no way any better than them. I have alot to learn and I'm ready for the journey. :)


What's your DAW (or VST)?

I use FL Studio 11.0.3 as DAW. My plugins vary from stock plugins such as Harmor and 3xOSC to Sylenth, Spire and more. I suggest you would send me a message if you want to know what VST I used for a particular sound.


I hope that answered some questions. If yours isn't in here then send me a message or email please.

Thank you once again and have a great day.
- Roy Goos // Voidtek // Minotics